So long 2011!

HELLO 2012!

Not only are we entering 2012 but we are also entering the third trimester!  I am sooo thrilled to meet this sweet little boy and of course I want whats best for him, so that means he needs to keep baking for 12 more weeks but man am I ready to not be pregnant.  That sounds terrible and I'm sure all you out there are saying "gosh she's going to be a terrible mom" but come on...these back aches, sleepless nights, growing belly (and everything else), not being able to enjoy ice cream, eating 10 oz. steaks (yea the whole thing, plus the potato and rolls), trying to catch my breath, superman punches, karate kid kicks, and my mouth always having that nasty acid taste...yea I'm ready for that part to be over.  So yes, the third trimester sounds good to me...it's closer to meeting this little mountain baby.  So for the next 12 or so weeks I'll put up with whatever else pregnancy is going to throw my way (hope Matt can handle it)...

Here is a picture from this past monday...
Yes I'm huge!

Like I said, I can't wait to meet this crazy hyper active little boy (yes i'm assuming that he's hyper since he never really stops moving).  I can't wait to see what God has made, I can't wait to watch him grow and learn, and I can't wait to see what God teaches Matt and I through this amazing blessing.  I know I complain about pregnancy but I feel truly blessed that God trusts me with His child.  I mean really...my parents had a hard time with trusting me with a dog or cell phone or anything else just a few years ago (ok almost 10 years ago but few sounds better)...and now God is giving me a kid!?!  Crazy!  Oh well, He knows what He's doing, now it's just up to Matt and I to glorify Him and do the best we possibly can. 

Well, anyways...Bring it on 2012!!  I think I'm ready!  Or atleast I hope I am.

Happy New Years to all my friends and family!  LOVE YOU ALL!

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