Sooo yea TWO blogs in one day!! 

This Christmas, Matt and I decided after all the traveling we've been doing the past two months that maybe it would be good to stick around here for Christmas.  So we spent our WHITE Christmas here.  Lucky for us one of the wyldlife girl's family came to Colorado so we surprised her.  Her family knew we were coming but Ashton had no idea.  They told her that fedex was dropping off a present for her so we rang the door bell and SURPRISE it wasn't fed ex.  You can watch the video on facebook, but I think she was shocked!  We spent the next two days with her and her family, it was pretty great! 

We also celebrated Matt's birthday that week.   He turned 28 this year (ohhh myyy he's soooo close to the big 3-0).  Last year he was a little disappointed in his birthday present (due to the fact that I got him a Christmas cd and shoes he picked out and as he says, paid for haha) so I surprised him with an ipod nano.  I'm pretty sure he was expecting something terrible because he seemed a little surprise.  I really wish I had filled his nano with Christmas music but oh well...maybe next time.  I also got him the most expensive pizza I could find!  It was seriously $30!!!  But since it was a special occasion and it's his ultimate favorite food, I went ahead and got it.  Let's just say...it was massive!  I froze some so it's kind of like the pizza that keeps giving. 

Then of course there was Christmas.   I must say I'm so excited about next year's Christmas that this year it was hard for me to get into it.  Anyways, best gifts of the year....
How's it possible that he's almost 30??

It was hard to decide between the coke and the Tim Tebow shirt....

And of course a little Pinterest Christmas Breakfast!  Was going to make monkey bread but ran out of butter haha.
Anyways, Christmas was great...just like always.  How could it not be great...we get to celebrate our savior and  the whole gifts thing!?!  Next year looks like we'll be spending Christmas with our amazing little boy and the family!  I'm already soo excited...too bad we have to wait a year!

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  1. We had monkey bread too!! Miss you! Love the pics! :)