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Well the past two months have been absolutely busy!  You would think since I'm now unemployed and living in a city where I know very few people that I would stay pretty bored....NOT the case.  We've had company, weekends in the mountains, and plenty of exploring going on.  I can't even remember all the things we've done.  Anyways, things are great here in Denver.  I'm loving my new home (even though there are some Texans that I miss like crazy).  Colorado is BEAUTIFUL, which I'm sure you all already knew.  Sometimes I catch myself saying "gosh I wish we lived here"  it's just unbelievable that God has given me the opportunity to live in such an incredible place.  I'm soo ready for summer, Keeton will be here and the weather will be lovely...which means lots and lots of hiking, days in the park, and just long days outside.  I just can't wait!  Let's hope little Keeton likes being outside!

Here's a quick update (in pictures) what a few of the things we've been into.  I'll fill you in on the joys of pregnancy...probably tomorrow. 

Michael was the first to come in town in 2012!  Here you can see the guys being way too cool at Red Rocks Amphitheater.

Yes, thats the belly peaking out behind that jacket...it no longer zips.  30 weeks here...

Matt has taken up being a cowboy now that we live in Colorado...ok that's not true at all but he does wear girly vests.

We went to the Buffalo Bill museum while Matt's parents were here.  No need to let me know how good looking I am, I already know ;)
Rocky Mountain National Park.  Elk and mountains...no big deal.

Valentine Red Velvet sandwich cookies...recipes like this gave Paula Deen diabetes.

Keeton's parents.  He'll probably laugh at this picture one day in the future.  "Mom, you were HUGE"

Matt's friends from college, Brent and Robin, came to visit...this is what 35 weeks compared to 27 weeks looks like.  I guess if we were going to have a contest for largest stomach EVER, I'd win. 

but don't worry, we still know how to work it!!  (Robin don't kill me for posting this)

The guys will probably kill me for this.  They are excited about the sons that will be joining their lives very soon.  Too bad those boys will one day think we are all major dorks...and of course these pictures do nothing to make them think otherwise.
Let's not forget Kona, he's enjoying the exploring of the Mile High City as much as the rest of us.  His stomach issues try to convince us otherwise but I don't believe it.  Wonder how he's going to handle the arrival of Keeton....

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  1. strangely enough, i kinda love the second picture of us... :)

    thanks again for letting us visit! we had a wonderful time!