I need to take way more pictures!

Well my last weeks in Texas came and went entirely too fast.

I spent my last days in Texas eating great food, visiting with amazing friends, hanging out with the best Younglife and Wyldlife girls in the world, and of course crying every time I thought about the fact that i was moving.  My amazing friends in Texas threw me two showers before I left.   I say me but aren't they really for baby Dees?  Oh well...that's for another day.  I of course brought my camera to both of them but it's kind of hard taking pictures when you're preoccupied with amazing food and friends.  So here I am, almost a month later with no pictures from one shower and only a few from the other.  Sad day...

Well here are two pictures from the shower my 8th grade Wyldlife girls threw me.  It was such a fun shower and seriously I should probably take pictures of every onesie they made for little man...yes MADE!  They are AWESOME! 

Thanks girls for all the presents and for just being awesome!  I miss you all like cray-cray!!  Love you all!

And here are the awesome High School leaders (plus a few).  Oh Clare and Maggie... :)

 Probably the hardest thing I've ever done is say bye to these girls.  I know it's not really "bye" but knowing I won't see them at least once a week is definitely hard!!  Love you girls! 

Texas, you changed my life (and waist line) with your amazing cajun food, brisket, loving people, rodeos, and humidity.   Thanks for giving Matt and I a pretty great first 2 years of marriage!  Don't worry, we won't be seperated for long...I'll be visiting soon!

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