Another long drive.

So Dad flew to Houston to help me drive the 1053 miles from Texas to Colorado.  It was definitely a long drive and one I've made a few too many times.  Adding the whole being pregnant part and that adds a million restroom breaks and snack stops.  Anyways here are a few pictures from our drive...
We stopped at the Ft. Worth Stockyards.  Who knew cows could be so interesting!?

I had to teach this guy how it's really done...he felt like an idiot after a prego out did him!
Dad was pretty grumpy the whole drive ;)

In Amarillo we saw some old Cadillacs...weird.
 The driving didn't end when we got to Colorado.  We ended up exploring for the next three days.  It was fun but oh my I was ready to crash afterwards.   
Yes, that's chocolate bacon.  Good ol' Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory.  P.S.  I don't recommend it!

Garden of the Gods

Oh yea, Baby Dees has already been to 14,110 ft!! 

And of course Matt has to mess with Sasquatch! 

And lastly, ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!

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