Two days in a row...

Are you all like soo excited that I blogged two days in a row!?!  I guess it doesn't really make up for 6 months of nothing but "hey what can I say...I'm trying"

Mellow Mushroom was delicious but baby Dees just wasn't so sure about it.  I thought the indigestion was going to kill me.  Oh well, it was a fun date anyways. 

So we ended week 18 in the mountains of Colorado while trying to find a place to live.  After two weeks without being sick, the altitude brought it all back...let's just say I was not a happy camper!  Anyways, We decided to take belly bump pictures in the Rocky Mountains only to prove John Denver knows what he's talking about!

So this is week 18 and like 5 days or something...

I move somewhere that actually has winter and now all my favorite winter clothes don't cover my belly...awesome.

Matt was trying to fish the real man way, it didn't work out that well.

Matt tried to convince people that this is the view from our apartment window...unfortunately it's not.

So, due to the move and having to change all my appointments, I convinced Matt we had to find out the gender of the baby before I went crazy.  I don't know why I wasn't able to wait any longer but I just simply wasn't.  So we went to this ultrasound place that is located in a strip mall...yes a strip mall.  I know, it completely sounds sketchy but come on...I HAD TO KNOW!


 Yes, Baby Dees is officially a BOY and I'm officially excited to finally know the gender!  We are super excited about having a boy but I'm not going to lie, I'm a little nervous.  I hate bugs, snakes, baseball, dinosaurs, farts, frogs, and well most things that little boys seem to find interesting.  What will I do if my son wants to start a bug collection, or wants a pet snake...oh dear.  This is going to be interesting...

So that brings us to this past week.  November 9th, Matt and I loaded the few things the movers didn't take and started the 18 hour drive to Denver.  Being pregnant, of course, made this drive so much longer since it seems like every 30 minutes I have to "excuse" myself.  I was thankful for every clean restroom between Houston and Denver! 

We got to Denver on the 10th, the movers unloaded our stuff the 11th and Matt started work on the 14th.  It was a crazy week but a good week.  Matt seems to like his new job and we definitely love our new city!

Today I'm heading back to Texas for three weeks to finish up the semester with Wyldlife and Younglife.  It won't be fun being away from Matt for so long but I'm excited to be able to spend the next three weeks with some of my very favorite Texans.  When I get back, I hope to have tons of pictures to share with you guys!

To end this post, I'll leave you with the picture we took on Tuesday...we had to improvise and use what we had and well we had PLENTY of boxes.


  1. Oh my gosh your week 21 pic is my face!! What a cute little tiny bump!! I love your blog. What an adventure you are living!! Can't wait for tomorrow's post ;)

  2. lisa Keeton11/19/2011

    you definetly look pregnant.No hiding it now.

  3. Nice view from the apartment!

  4. Lillie needs her bf to have a name!