a quick catch up...

So since I'm soo far behind on my blog I'm going to post a few pictures to get you caught up on what's been going on at the Dees' home...

So, I thought that I should clean out all our junk...doesn't this guest room look like it's ready for you to come stay!?!  I did finally finish this room and it really did help but goodness we have a lot of stuff.

 My neighbor caught a really big fish!

My most favorite thing in my apartment!

 Caramel Apple Cheesecake...yes please!!

 Sweet potato pie...no thanks...

This kid is starting the coffee addiction and friday nights at book stores a little early.

We added a few additions to our family...ok maybe not.  But this family of 6 just adopted 3 more kids!  How awesome it is to meet people with such big hearts!  We had a fun time photographing and hanging out with this family.  

So what if it's December, it's still warm and sunny here in Texas!

This is what happens when you aren't working and have nothing better to do. 
Why are my flowers blooming in December??  It just doesn't make much sense.
 More flowers...but these were for our 1 year anniversary!

We went to the zoo on our anniversary and this little friendly lion posed for a picture!

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