So this week we celebrated Matthew Ray's Birthday!  Ok so we didn't do a lot to celebrate but it was definitely the best way to kick off the week of Christmas!

In honor of my husband I wore this on his birthday...I believe he was a little embarrassed.
Matt was excited when he saw presents but the smile faded when he realized I paid for it with his money!  "But honey, it's our money.

He finally smiled when I brought this out! 

This week we threw a Christmas party for the Wyldlife student leaders.  Never in my life have I seen people bring live animals for the Stingy Santa game!  It was probably the most amazing thing ever!
Animal #1 a hamster named the general

Animal #2 a beta fish that was definitely stolen from me a few rounds later.  
 Oh Kona...

He's cute but he's BAD!

And yet Santa still comes early and fills his stocking full of toys...

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