Trick or Treat

Keeton experienced his first Halloween and well I'm not so sure how he felt about it.  He wasn't crazy about all the children taking all his candy and he wasn't so crazy about the huge monkey face blocking his view. 

We started the day with coffee with a friend but after that we just cleaned house and passed out candy.  We did end the day with some of our favorite young life folks and a scary movie.  Of course Keeton was super brave and thought the movie was dumb so he went to bed but the rest of us spent the hour and however long, jumping, screaming and sitting on the edge of our seats.  It was a pretty fun night.

I am thankful that Keeton is too young for candy because I'm not ready for halloween candy tempting me everyday.  I should probably enjoy this relaxing halloween because sooner than I want to admit we'll have halloweens full of hay rides, super hero costumes, and entirely too many sweets!

Till then, enjoy some pics of this adorable monkey!  (Thanks Nonnie for the awesome costume!) 

He kept pushing this monkey off the bench, thankfully it never busted. 

I just loved all the padding in his belly!

Working on his sitting up

The tail, probably the best part!

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