Month 7

Well as you can see this picture is old, Mississippi State is now 7-2...which is ridiculous but we won't even go there!

Keeton is at month 7 and is finally sitting up really good in this chair!!  This month has been great, and like the lady told me at Joannes when I was 9 months pregnant and ready to explode, each month is better than the last.  He gets a little more fun, a little cuter, and his personality shows a little more every day!

Keeton Updates:
      Sitting up!  He can't sit up on his own but once he's up he can handle it for a few minutes.  Still not crawling but trying, pretty dang hard.  I'm assuming that since he would rather be snuggled and lay around that I've been blessed with a calm, laid back, snuggle bunny child and that he'll stay that way forever!
      Eating a ton!  He has about 29 ounces of formula along with cereal, fruit and veggies.  He's also growing like a weed.  I measured him, which we know probably isn't accurate, and he was about 29 inches long!!  Luckily he grew so that all his fall/winter clothes fit!
     Sleeping better now than ever before.  He's averaging 12 hours at night (most nights without waking) and three naps during the day.  I'm one happy momma now that he sleeps some during the day.
      He's discovering everything!  He rolls around trying to find toys, yes that's rolls not crawls.  He grabs everything, toys, pacifers, kona, daddy's beard, and momma's hair.
      Still trying to get those bottom teeth out...if you've been counting, this has been going on since JULY!  That's 4 months!  It's crazy.  No one ever told me that it could take that long.  He chews on everything, drools, fusses...  I'm soo ready for these teeth to show up! 
      He's starting to get mad when you take things he wants away from him.  If I take a toy away, there is crying.  The other day he even cried when I stood in front of the tv!      

 Keeton is still a laughing, smiling, crying, cutie! 

This past weekend I spent my first weekend away.  I got the opportunity to do work crew for the weekend at Younglife's Crooked Creek Ranch.  Work crew is made up mostly of high school students with a few leaders sprinkled in, we spend the weekend serving meals, cleaning dishes, and anything else the kitchen needs done for the weekend campers.  It's crazy how much work it takes to serve 600 kids meals but it's also crazy how rewarding it is to do so.  I love that Younglife puts so much effort into serving students meals.  The students sit at round tables with their leaders and are served delicious food family style....seriously it's delicious!  Its crazy to think but their are actually students there that don't get three meals a day, nor do they get three sit down meals with family, Younglife makes sure that they get that while at camp.  I loved being apart of that this weekend.  God is good y'all...seriously!  Anyways, while I was there Matt was home with Keeton.  I'm pretty sure they had a good weekend, even though football put a downer on it.  I loved being at camp but it was weird not being at home.  I didn't realize how much I missed Keeton till I saw some of the Younglives girls (Younglives is younglife for teenage mothers) with their babies.  I may have shed a tear!  Anyways, we do it again next weekend so I'm assuming it will get easier. 

Well here are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure...

Everything goes straight in the mouth

Aren't they cute!?!

Playing in dirty snow, at least it isn't yellow...

He's so tall right!?

May have shared this one before but who cares...

The family!

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  1. You look SO pretty in these pics, Mrs. Skinny!! Lillie & I want to play with Keeton!!!