8 Months and A Happy Thanksgiving

Well, well, well, he's 8 months and officially on the move!  His crawling would be accepted by the army but Kona hates it.  Kona never leaves my side now because he's scared of the hair pulling that comes from the little dude crawling around on the floor. 

The top picture is one of the few I got that didn't have Kona in it.  I'm interested how these pictures are going to go from now on.  Now that Keeton is a wiggle worm, I'm not sure how I'll get him to sit still...

We've had a great month!  A busy month but a great one.  Keeton is officially awesome!  Being his mother is an incredible blessing.  I love watching him learn and discover, I love how his eyes get big and those hands start to shaking (picture jazz hands) when he sees something new or "interesting."  The best part is when he gets upset for what seems to be no reason just to discover that he just wanted to snuggle.  I am completely in love with this little gift that is Keeton. 

Well Thanksgiving was pretty great!  One of our favorite Texas families decided to pick Denver as there Thanksgiving vacation.  Since Matt and I now own our first house, I took this as a chance to host the Thanksgiving feast.  I was really nervous but really all the cooking wasn't near as bad as I expected.  Oh and incase you were wondering, my turkey was very moist!  HA. 

This is Ashton.

Taylor and Matt in Breckenridge

The feast!  Including, carmel apple cheesecake and pumpkin pie!

The Texans!

And of course KEETON!

So I'm reading a devotional called One Thousand Gifts (it's based on the book of the same name) by Ann Voskamp.  Its a great read about finding everyday graces.  She asked the question "Why don't I keep more of an eye on the number of His graces?"  This Thanksgiving and Advent season I am trying to stay focused on all of the things I have been blessed with, even the things I would not necessarily consider something to be thankful for.  It's soo easy for me to forget to be thankful for things other than Matt and Keeton.  It's easy for me to take for granted that God gave his son (which this year means more than ever now that I understand the love between a parent and a child) to set me free.  He gave me Hope.  This season I hope that I'm able to stay focused on these things rather than the craziness that the season brings.  I hope that my family will feel peace, calmness, security and love as we celebrate the birth of the Prince of Peace.

Anyways, I leave you with a few more pictures of my adorable little boy! 

Not so sure I approve of Keeton playing Call of Duty
Maybe my new favorite picture...

I know these are all over pinterest, but Keeton kept crawling over to this ball of lights so I figured I would give it a try.  I had no idea it would turn out soo great.             

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  1. Your food looked GREAT!!! And I LOVE the one of Keeton playing video games!! We need to partake in a crawling race! :)