How crazy is it that my son is almost 5 months old!?!  "I ... can ... not ... be ...LIEVE ...it!" (said in the voice from Quincy on little einsteins) 

 Here are a few pictures to cover some things that have happened in the past two months...

Since Matt was in Europe for Father's day we celebrated a few weeks later.  It was a great relaxing day!  We went to brunch as well as an art festival.  At home, I made a banner and a few tie decorations to put on cupcakes and presents and of course I made the boys have a little photo shoot.  I loved a lot of them but I believe these are my two favorites. 

A weekend or so later we headed up to Trail Ridge Road.   It was a fun day and we saw some incredible fews as well as MOOSE!!  I was pretty excited about the moose especially since I thought there were no moose in Colorado.  I have pictures of the views and what not but have decided to add those to a blog post on its on incase you are just here to see my stickin cute baby!

and this is how we eat on the road...

If only he still had a beard...

My happy little man!       

Another weekend we drove to the top of Mt. Evans.  That was an amazing drive as well but there was a crazy thunderstorm going on so we had to move pretty quickly.  I can't wait till Keeton is a little bit older because we are absolutely dying to hike!  Anyone have any recommendations on a good kid carrying pack (i have no idea what they are called)???  

Not very often we get a picture of the three of us...
Oh how I LOVE the moby wrap!

This weekend we took Keeton to the zoo!!  Denver has a pretty nice zoo and now we are officially members so I believe they will be seeing a lot of us.  I'm not sure how many animals Keeton actually looked at but I'm pretty sure there was a bear, gorilla, and maybe a couple of monkeys.  He did really well and even without taking any naps, he stayed in a great mood! 

Again, I LOVE my moby wrap!

Too busy staring at animals to smile for the camera!

OH MY!  Yes that bear is eating something that looks entirely too much like a baby in my opinion.

Still thinking about that bear...

Well, I do have more things I want to share but that will have to come at a later time.  We are loving our new life in Colorado as well as being parents!  God has blessed us in ways I never expected. 

By the way, please be praying for me as I find my new role in Douglas County Young Life.  I am looking forward to sharing Christ's love with high schoolers again but I am super nervous about how this will look now that I have a whole new job of raising a little boy.  In the past, it was easy for me to just go where ever they were or needed me to be but now it won't be as easy.  Also, since we have no babysitters things are a little tricky.  I'm really hopeful though and after meeting the teams from the area last night, I feel really up to whatever challenges God lays our way. 

 Well, let's hope my next blog will come sooner rather than later...

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  1. Anonymous8/18/2012

    Lillie was looking at the pics with me...she loves the one of keeton at the zoo...im partial to matt acting out The Legends of the Fall! :) We love yall!
    _ Corrie