A little Keeton update

We are finally in our house and starting to feel a little settled in.  We have a ton of things we want to do, which also means buy, so it will be a while before it feels complete.  BUT oh my, it is nice to be in a house and being able to let kona out the back door!  Not having to load up Keeton everytime kona needs to go out is awesome!  It's also great having enough space for all our things.  Keeton gets his own room now, it's no longer the guest room/storage room/keeton's room (yea, I know, sad right).  He also has his own tv room/play room!  I act like the whole house won't be his playroom but I'm sure eventually it will turn into a pirate ship, fort, baseball field, battle ground, or whatever else his little imagination can come up with.  Anyways, enough about the house.  Here's a much needed update on our growing little man!

When we left for our extremely long trip he was a little two month old.  Which honestly now that he's almost four months feels like he must have been pretty boring!  I know that sounds bad but he's changed so much that I hardly remember what two months was like.

Well as you can see Keeton is definitely a growing boy!  He's also not too crazy about smiling for the camera.

Here's a few quick facts about this super cute little boy.

He's eating like a champ but I'm sure you could already tell that.  

He's not a huge fan of napping every day.

Until this past week, he was going to sleep around 9, waking up at 4:30 a.m. to eat, then back to sleep and up for the day around 7.  This week we've seen a different schedule.  Asleep between 7:30 and 8:30, wakes up about 8 times (no lie) looking for his pacifier, up at 5:30 to eat, back to sleep till about 7.  I'm not sure I'm a huge fan of this whole pacifier thing.  I'm hoping its just a phase. 
He has discovered his feet and toes!   It's soo cute.  If you kiss his little foot he gives you the best chuckle!  He also loves to use his feet while playing.  

This boy LOVES tv.  It's crazy!  He searches for the screen.  He laughs at it and talks to it.  I know its not a surprise being that his momma loves tv a lot too but really!?!  He's three months old!  This is crazy.  By the way, Jake and the Neverland Pirates is probably my new favorite show...I mean Keeton's new favorite show. 

Keeton has almost lost all his new born hair but his new hair is coming in pretty quickly only its a lot lighter so he still tends to look bald.  

I tried to weigh him myself while I was in Tennessee and according to the scale he weighs 14 pounds!  We go to the doctor next week so I can't wait to find out how much he really weighs but goodness I know it's got to be close to that. 

Keeton is officially in 6 month size clothes!  (9 month pjs due to being so long)

He FINALLY notices Kona.  There for awhile I thought he just might ignore Kona but lately he's been looking at Kona and has even laughed when Kona gives him kisses.

He can roll over!  Well sort of.  He does it in his sleep but I've only seen him do it a few times while awake.  The only problem is that his arm gets stuck under him and he hasn't figured out how to move it.  We'll get there though. 

He's great at holding his head up, which has allowed for life to be a little easier.  Now we can throw him around (not really), he can play in his jumper, and ride in his awesome jogging stroller (in need of jogging/all terrain stroller, get a BOB, seriously do it).  

These past few weeks have turned out to be soo fun.  He's so interested in EVERYTHING and watching him learn has been awesome.  The laughs and smiles melt my heart every time!  I can't say that I'm sad he's growing because its just soo fun watching him grow.  I think we will have a little explorer on our hands which means many adventures to come for this momma and daddy!

Well I have to show my boy off just a little...

Cute right!?!  Well stay tuned because soon (hopefully) I'll post pictures from "Father's Day" as well as our mountain adventures. 


  1. OH MY GOODNESS! I'm in LOVE with that "kissy face" picture! Too cute!

    Fisher is at the exact same 2 month weight as Keeton. I swear they were just meant to be best friends. Too bad denver isn't closer to nashville.

  2. chelsea7/29/2012

    he takes so much after his aunt chelsea!!!