5 months

Well we are officially 5 months and two days now!  I figured I would go ahead and fill you in on how awesome my child is...

     Well Keeton is definitely a growing little dude.  I put his weight at 16 pounds and his height at 26 inches, well this could be slightly more but it's hard to do these things by myself.  When we were at the doctor for his 4 months visit he was 15 lbs and 4 oz.  So yes he probably weighs slightly less than 16 but my scale doesn't show ounces.  He was also 25 3/4 inches when we were at the doctor but in the past week he out grew some more pjs that fit when we went to the doctor so I'm assuming again.  Anyways, he is in the 45 percentile in weight and 75 percentile in height, which seems about right since both of his parents are tall and skinny HA! 
      He is also one heck of a sleeper!  Sleeping about 12 hours every night!!!  YES, i said 12 hours!  Who said parents never get to sleep...now having time to do things during the day is a little different story. 
     WE ARE OFFICIALLY EATING VEGGIES!  He ate his first sweet potato last night.  He absolutely loved the brown sugar and cinnamon...ok that was joke.  I was pretty nervous about starting solids too early but he has been eating them like a champ.  I should have known since being pregnant was the only time I've ever truly LOVED steak!  I guess I need to remember that he is a boy and boys like to eat.
      We are also rolling over but for the most part only in his bed.  He's pretty funny how he does it since he only uses his butt to control the roll, no arms and very little leg movement.  
     We are teething but who knows when this tooth will come in.  I can feel it some days but other days its like it slides back down or something.  He's doing really well with it though, not too fussy.  It does cause him to drool like crazy.  He is literally always drooling.
     Anyways, this past month has definitely been the best so far.  He's soo fun to be with!  He's become a little flirt with his sideways glances and shy head turns.  He loves when you throw him around or blow raspberries on his belly.  He absolutely adores Kona, laughing every time kona licks him (which is something i hate, dogs mouths are gross).  He likes listening to stories, going on walks, watching baby einsteins and little einsteins (i know i'm a terrible mother for letting him watch it), and he loves being outside.  I still have my moments where i think "how on earth will I ever make it through the day" but he's definitely the greatest little blessing God could have given Matt and I. 
They love each other.

Does it get any cuter than this??

And his mouth found his foot

I don't know about you, but this definitely makes me want to eat sweet potatoes..YUM!

I might have already added this picture but he loves this thing so we'll just add it again...
Well if you find that you just love that baby and want to come babysit, you just let us know!  We are dying to see batman but I will not be taking a 5 month old to a movie.  That's the disadvantage to moving I guess, it takes forever to find babysitters...  Oh well, thats my one complaint for the day.

I hope to have more to share with you soon but for now I have a very talkative baby that is just waking up from his nap...

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  1. Next month Lauren is your new baby sitter!