2 months

Today is May 21st, Keeton has officially been with us (outside of my belly) for 2 MONTHS!  This is insane!  It's been a super fast two months.  And I'm afraid month three will go by just as fast.  We are headed south this coming thursday.  He and i will be flying to Mississippi on Thursday and then the following Wednesday we'll be headed to Tennessee.  Keeton will finally get to meet the rest of his family, with the exception of a few that just HAVE to live in Florida or the Cayman Islands.  He will also get to go to Starkville so that his daddy can show him the Mississippi State University campus, hopefully he'll get to take his first trip to the beach, and he will make a trip to Dollywood, Cades Cove, Max Patch, and probably a few more Smoky Mountain tourist attractions.  Matt will be with us till June 2nd, when he heads to the Netherlands for some work stuff.  He will be gone for entirely too long.  We will make our way back to Colorado (by car) on June 21 and 22 and Keeton will get to see his Daddy on the 23rd (I'm already looking forward to this day).  This is going to be a very interesting month!

Another insane thing that is happening is we are finally buying a house!  It cleared the inspection on Wednesday and we close June 25th.  I will post pictures of that as soon as I can but till then just know, we do have extra room so come see us!!

Just a little side note, in case you didn't know, Keeton does not have to wear the pavlik harness!  Before we brought Keeton home from the hospital we were told that his hips were loose and he would maybe need a brace.  We went through two ultrasounds to check them out and both times his hips weren't normal.  They said he had developmental hip dysplasia.  Basically the socket didn't cover enough of the ball (i'm not sure how else to describe this ha).  This could lead to him having problems with it dislocating and even leading to him having surgery later in life.  Well we were called in for him to be fitted for the harness.  I was completely heart broken because that thing looks terribly uncomfortable and who wants to see there child in something like that for 3 months.  But of course my God is amazing and Keeton went in that day and somehow his hips were completely normal!  It was amazing.  So thank you for the prayers my friends because God worked His magic in our lives that day.

Anyways,  so I thought I would share a few pictures of Keeton's first incredible two months.  I apologize if this is just too much cuteness for one post but here we go...

Keeton meeting Matt's mom for the first time.

Of course when you have that much hair, you need a personal stylist.

Keeton with his momma and my mom

And Kona...

Matt's dad teaching Keeton about the only college team that really matters...

My dad, who is probably telling Keeton about cars or guns...

Drinking Coke at the best Texas BBQ place EVER!  Thank goodness they have Rudy's in Colorado. 

Aunt Chelsea!  Keeton is very upset that she lives a BILLION crawls away.

Amanda, Keeton's bestest friend, with us at FRONTIER RANCH!! (Frontier Ranch is one of the most amazing places ever, it's also a Young Life camp)

I know I should be posting the 2 months picture today but here's the six weeks picture instead.  Sorry for the delay.

And here is Keeton and Matt doing their very favorite things, also you might see that Kona was enjoying this as well.  

Here's Keeton, just lounging...what he does best!  And why aren't fat rolls cute on adults??  It's just not fair!

I just realized there aren't many pictures where you can see Keeton's face...sorry!  As soon as I get back from this crazy long trip, I'll put up an album on facebook so you can enjoy way to many pictures but for now I must go cuddle with my little man! 

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