Oh my word, the last six weeks have flown by!
Here he is at six weeks...Why does my son always look soo stunned??

On March 21st we finally got to meet our little man and wow, life has changed!

Oh ok...you want to hear all about it. (probably going to include entirely too many details, I'll try to keep it brief)

3:15 a.m. I woke Matt up with the simple words "I think we need to go to the hospital". I believe the only word he heard was hospital.
4:15 a.m. We arrive at the hospital. I get hooked up to all the machines and what not only to discover that my water hadn't broken but I was having contractions that were about 5 mins apart. I had no idea I was even having them!
 5:00 a.m. I'm told that i'll see a doctor before 7 and till then I should walk the halls to maybe speed up labor (haha what a joke) walking the halls is terrible!
9:30 a.m. Finally, a doctor comes to let us know they will be keeping me at the hospital. At this time contractions were 3 to 5 mins apart.
12:45 p.m. I get an epidural...very needed since my contractions had gotten INTENSE!
3:30 p.m. The doctor says "it won't be much longer" again, another joke! Also got hooked up with a sugar iv! Sugar Iv + epidural = feeling amazing
6:00 p.m. I'm finally at 10 cm so now we just wait for keeton's signs saying he's ready
8:15 p.m. Finally the pushing starts
10:16 p.m. He arrives!!! What an awesome moment that was. We meet our son and all the worrying about labor is over! (too bad it wasn't as easy to recover as I thought it would be)

**these times might not be exact

Warnings to all the pregnant ladies:
1. If you have to push for two hours, don't expect to walk normal for a week. Yea I know that seems like something I shouldn't share online but really I'll sacrifice myself so you'll know the truth! No one warned me of how bad it is afterwards!
2. Being swollen for a month after giving birth came as a surprise. I couldn't wear my engagement ring for weeks.
3. It's six weeks later and I weigh less than my prepregnancy weight but somehow I'm still to big for some of my old clothes...what the heck is that about?!?
4. No one can explain how awesome it is to see that sweet baby for the first time.
5. No one can explain how awesome it is to see your husband jump into daddy mode so quickly

Special shout out for my mom:
 Having my mom there for everything was so great. She got here a little over a week before Keeton made his arrival. She helped me clean (or she cleaned while I slept) which was a HUGE blessing. After Keeton was born she was there to make sure we had food (she filled our kitchen with sooo much food, more food than I have ever seen in our house), she continued helping us clean and just helped with Keeton so we could rest (and probably a lot more stuff but goodness what a blur those weeks are).  I am forever grateful for all she did while she was here. Also, thankful dad let her come!

Anyways, God blessed us in a crazy awesome way by sending this baby boy.  We couldn't be more excited to add him to our little family.  We are so thankful to everyone that prayed for us, encouraged us, listened to us complain, listen to us be way too excited, and well just supported us through the last nine months or so.  Without you, we would have gone crazy.

Here are a few pictures from the day.  

Matt was a little to eager to watch the epidural go in...

I on the other hand was terrified...

Though I don't look like it, I was feeling GREAT at this point.  Oxygen, sugar, and epidural...

And we have a baby!  (philips should pay me for this advertising)

Matt was excited to meet his kido, but Keeton was not to sure about that beard.

Denver, being at such a high altitude, usually only sees little babies...lucky for Keeton he spent his first 6 months of belly time in the great state of Texas, and we all know "Everything is BIGGER in Texas.  I am thankful last three months were spent in Denver, I probably would have died if he was any larger. 
Well that sums it up for today.  Keeton wants to eat so I must go.  I will update you all soon on how it's been since Keeton has been home.  And of course I have a ton more pictures to show you!


  1. Heather B5/02/2012

    Love this so so so imuch!!!!!!!!!!! And love your family even more!!!!! Hooray for sweet keets!!!!!!

  2. So wonderful! Thanks for sharing! :)

    I do have a question...did matt take pictures for you when Keeton arrived or did you have a nurse or someone taking them? I want pictures of course, but I don't want Brent feeling on the outside holding a camera...

  3. We love you Heather!

    Robin, Matt did take some of the pictures as well as my mom, who was also in the delivery room. There was so much cleaning up, and other stuff the nurses were doing with Keeton that there was a lot of time to get pictures and not make Matt feel like he couldn't hold him or anything. I think Matt enjoyed taking the pictures honestly. Have Brent ask him about it. Praying for you girl! The next few weeks will seem soooo slow but I swear it will come and it will be AWESOME!