WHOOT! Prego update

Well we are officially at 36 weeks but we'll back up a little since I'm super behind (what's new).

Things are going smoothly so far.  I'm super uncomfortable most of the time and I'm pretty sure Keeton is too.  He can no longer stretch out while I'm sitting down which leads to our first son and mother arguments.  He's obviously just like his dad since he's super stubborn...we all no I'm in no way stubborn.   Though the kicks are miserable, I'm in love with the hiccups and now the feeling of his fingers moving.  I don't think I ever felt the flutters at the beginning, we just went straight into Jackie Chan kicks so to feel something small and sweet is awesome! 

We've had company for over a week straight (not the same people) and I must say, even though there were times I had to say I needed to sit down...I kept up pretty good (I would appreciate it if they don't comment on this).  It's crazy that mall walking is officially considered cardio exercise now.  This isn't a good thing since Baby Gap is in the mall...  Anyways, I'm getting super anxious about the next 3 1/2 weeks and whats to come after that.

We had our weekly, yes weekly, doctor's appointment on Monday. There we found out that I'm offically dilated 1 1/2 cm and yes you can be dilated for what seems forever but for some reason this really hit me. We are soooo close to having this sweet boy! Also at the appointment, I fainted! It was the craziest thing and now I'm even more convinced that I will never make it through labor. Goodness! Anyways, here's some pictures to show how massive I really am!

32 Weeks along...I also rode a horse!  Ok maybe I didn't ride one but I sat on a fake one...that's got to count for something!
somewhere between 33 weeks and 34 weeks...I just can't believe it's suppose to keep growing.

DO YOU SEE THAT?!  I now have an outie!  Sorry if this picture is offensive to anyone.

Kona likes to test out the baby stuff...here he is practicing sitting up with the boppy pillow.  We had him doing tummy time but he moved before the picture :(

More boppy time!

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  1. I must say I'm disappointed that there are no bare belly pictures...(ew, gross. You know I'm kidding.)

    I can't believe you guys are so close! Can't wait to see your little man. (I'd also like to know that you were able to deal with labor so that I can feel less freaked out about my own journey.)