Well, Well, Well...

So, yes like I've said before I'm officially the worst blogger ever!  But that's besides the point...

Let's recap over everything that has happened since I last blogged...

At the end of July, the 20th to be exact, Matt and I discovered that we are pregnant (well that I am pregnant but whatever)...yes PREGNANT!  

The following months were filled with morning sickness...ohhh the morning sickness.  Why do they call it morning sickness?  I felt fine in the mornings but bring on 9 p.m.  I will forever hate that hour.  Thank goodness I have the sweetest husband ever who eventually learned that watching me get sick wasn't fun but a glass of water was very appreciated. 

Matt and I both worked and planned, and planned and worked.  Wyldlife and Young Life was definitely keeping me busy.  We were beginning the process of buying a house and of course I was day dreaming of decorating a baby's room.  But ohh how God laughs when we try to plan...  A week after Matt told his work that we were expecting, he was laid off (special shot out to Obama and his plans for NASA, thanks for that man).  Yea, that was a scary moment but don't worry, God completely had this under control.  A little less than two weeks later Matt got an interview with Shell.  He knew nothing about the oil and gas industry but that didn't stop Shell from HIRING him!!  A couple of weeks later we found ourselves searching for a place to live in DENVER, CO!  

So we officially moved to Denver a week ago.  It has been a crazy whirlwind of a couple of months but we are here and Matt is working again!  We are super sad to leave all the friends we made while in Texas but it was definitely a God thing that got us here so we are excited for this next chapter. 

Anyways, I thought I would bring the blog back as a way to share pictures of our new life in Colorado for all those that want to know about it.  (so probably just my mom and dad)

We'll start with week 17's belly pictures...yes I'm following the crowd on this one and taking pictures of my growing belly!

Adjusting to the growing belly thing, not necessarily my favorite part of pregnancy
Trying to work that belly

Kona will need a major attitude adjustment before little Dees gets here

Don't let this face worry you...
He's excited!

 So I promise I won't write that much every again, I know it's hard to correct my grammar mistakes. 

Anyways, I promise to blog again very soon but now my awesome husband is taking me to Mellow Mushroom for dinner...Well as soon as Mississippi State wins this basketball game. 

P.S. Houston, you need a Mellow Mushroom!


  1. I will be reading too along with mom and dad keeton!!!! And I want them ALLL to be this long!!

  2. Anonymous11/19/2011

    Congratulations Christa & Matt! We're excited for you! Enjoying reading your blog & getting updated on your status in life. Praying for continuous blessings as you adjust to your new surroundings, job and pregancy. Life is a journey & Oh so much sweeter! when we chose to walk with the Lord! ~Debbie & Mike Herron