Epic Fail

I named this epic fail because that's what I would consider my blogging.

Things have been CRAZY lately!  I am now working for YOUNGLIFE!!!!!  Which is like an answer to every prayer I've had since I was in middle school but it has kept me pretty busy.  I've also been keeping up with the Royal family, doing a little babysitting, taking a few pictures, working out (oh yea, i need to be skinny in 6 weeks...), and well tons of other non important things. 

So I'm going to try to get caught up...

Matt and I photographed a sponge bob themed birthday party a while back and well some of the pictures are just too cute not to share.   The party was soo fun because kids were actually smiling!  Normally when photographing kids it's soo hard to keep their attention or get them to smile but these kids couldn't keep the smiles off their faces.   Matt and I had a lot of fun and I hope that in the future we get to do more! 

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the day!  Of course I'm not showing you near enough to explain how awesome the day was but this is a start...

Birthday Boy!

Davion is 4!

Little Sister!

So that's it for today but I have a lot more coming... as of right now I must go get ready for the WILCO concert tonight!!!  If you're asking yourself "who is Wilco" you need to be checking them out asap... http://www.wilcoworld.net/

Peace and Blessings (haha Jessica)!!!


  1. I saw me in the background of that one pic!haha Great pics btw! that's funny you said peace and blessings b/c I say that too...I saw it off some video.lol

  2. Glad to see a new post from my favorite Texan family, and I even have relatives in Texas. Only 2 days shy of being a month since your last post.

  3. 'Nother month of catching up to do.