Kelsey Came to TEJAS!

Well it has been an incredibly long time since I last blogged but I have an excuse!!

I have had the busiest, craziest three weeks or so ever!  I have missed you dear blog I really have.  Kelsey was suppose to come for a few days but ended up staying a week, and then instead of her flying home to Tennessee I drove her!  I ended up spending a week in Tennessee.  I got back on Friday so I've been back a week and I'm just now feeling like I've caught up...ridiculous!

 Anyways, Kelsey had a super hard time getting to Houston.  She was suppose to fly from Atlanta to Houston on Sunday but due to using a Buddy Pass through Delta and being like 24th on the priority list the closest she could get here was Baton Rouge on Monday!  So being the sweet friend I am, I drove to Baton Rouge to pick her up.  She planned on leaving Thursday but there was pretty much no way she could possibly get back to Atlanta and then to make it to Knoxville could have been a nightmare.  SOOO we decided I'd just drive her to Tennessee but due to some plans I already had we couldn't leave till Sunday.  It ended up being a great two weeks but goodness was it busy!  Well here are some pictures of our week in Houston. 

P.S. this is probably the longest blog post I'll ever do...

Kelsey made it!

Our drive back...

Kelsey made it to Texas finally!

We hung out in Galveston...

Galveston beach is soo clean and pretty...

Kelsey got to see the Beer can house!

She got to ring a couple of bells

she had a conversation in the listening vessels

she hung out in Discovery Green

We took chaco pictues

she experienced jamba juice

she also experienced the weirdest show ever at miller outdoor theater

these pictures make it look way better than it really was

We taught Jessica the most important lesson in life

Kelsey go to hang out with some pretty cool people...

She got to experience Texas size pancakes

Pancake dinner for Missy's birthday!

We even hung out at minute maid park, or well outside of it


  1. You mispelled Texas, sweet heart. I'm glad ya posted about my trip there! I feel like it was my debut or something lol. And man I looked rough in some of those pics!lol Thanks for a fun week in Houston, glad we got to spend some good quality time together! :)

  2. p.s. I need to steal the pictures that were taken while I was there, so you should put them on facebook! :)

  3. You're welcome Alan!

    Kelsey, Kelsey, Kelsey...good try on telling me I misspelt the word Texas but TEJAS is the Spanish spelling and pronunciation of Texas and if you remember in history the spanish owned Texas at one time. So that was done completely on purpose :) I'll work on posting them on facebook sometime but I can't promise I'll do it right away.

  4. haha, well sassy. I kinda thought you did it on purpose, but I wasn't sure. Very clever, dawg!lol And that's fine!

  5. Totally feel you on the buddy pass blues! I once tried to fly from Houston to Mobile on a Delta buddy pass. Got bumped so many times there was no way i would make it till Sunday...which was when i was supposed to be heading back to Houston. Ended up having to buy a ticket haha.

  6. yeah, buddy passes on re-dic-u-lous!