One crazy year...

We've almost had Kona for a whole year and though I know blog readers will think I'm crazy...but I just had to have a post dedicated to Little Kona Ray.  (Matt will probably make fun of me forever for this)

He might be crazy, he might bark at me everytime i'm on the phone, or poop more than a normal dog, or bite me if i'm not giving him attention but I think he is the cutest dog ever.  Matt would probably say he doesn't like the dog but he is lying so don't listen...

Now isn't that just the cutest dog you ever did see!??! 


  1. You talking about our dog?

  2. He's adorable! And I LOVE the look on his face in the bathroom shot,lol.

  3. Thanks Dana!! The bathroom incident is probably one of my favorite things ever!

    Matt...you love Kona!!