Congrats Jenn and Julian!

We went to a fabulous wedding downtown this past weekend!  Jenn and Matt work together, I believe they actually started at the same time.  Jenn and Julian love to travel so it was the theme of their wedding.  Everything was gorgeous and the cake was delicious!  It was really dark and we had no flash so I apologize for the graininess! 
Jenn, if you read this, you were gorgeous and you planned an amazing evening!  I hope you and Julian have the greatest time on your upcoming trip!  May God bless you with the greatest married life possible! 

The best cake topper ever!

Chocolate covered carrot cake!

The bride and groom and the ILC gang!

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  1. Anonymous4/30/2011

    you are so awesome at taking pictures! i want you to take mine! lol!