Keep Austin Weird

So this past weekend, Matt and I took a little day trip to Austin.  Wow!  I love Austin and probably mostly due to this lady...

 Ok, so if you know me at all you know that I am a HUGE fan of the tv show, Friday Night Lights.  Well the show is filmed in Austin and we just so happened to see Tammy Taylor herself (wearing the glasses shown above)!  We were walking down Congress St.  looking at the shops and what not, when I hear Matt say "Look it's Tammy Taylor!"  He didn't realize when he said it that the woman he was talking about was actually her!!   She walked right by us, I believe she even looked at Kona, which then you know she thought "Aww what a cute dog."  Of course, due to me being an awkward freak...I just gawked at her.  No words came out.  Sadly, I now have no proof that I ever saw her.  If only I wasn't such a freak.

Anyways, Austin was pretty great.  Better than Houston.  Full of food, eat-local grocery stores, runners, parks, dogs, vintage clothing, kayaking, and of course music.  I now love Austin, weirdness and all. 

Texas State Capitol building....and if you were wondering, even the capitol building is bigger in Texas! (7 feet taller than the u.s. capitol, 360000 sq. ft.)

Kona enjoyed his day!
Inside the capitol building

Lovely Austin

I just really liked the looks of this, who cares if they didn't pass the health and safety test.

We ate a Salt Lick BBQ and well this looks neat and all but it just doesn't compare to a smoker!  Sorry Texas, Mississippi has you beat when it comes to BBQ