Still behind....

Tuesday, November 9th.
Like every other tuesday, I have to give a shout out to WYLDLIFE!!  Another successful club.  This month our theme was glow in the dark and it wouldn't be glow in the dark with out glow sticks, dance party, and of course...sweat! 

Wednesday, November 10th
The story behind this picture is...this truck drives Matt crazy.  It's been sitting in the parking lot (in a one of the good parking places) since last november if not before.  It never moves!  Well, a month ago the apartment management or whatever put a notice up on the window saying they needed to move it or it was going to be towed. Well they never moved it.  On wednesday I saw them putting another sticker on it!  I had to take a picture for matt and I felt soo cool taking it.  I felt like I was an undercover cop or something.  When we got home from our trip to Mississippi the truck hadn't moved and the stickers were taken off...looks like it will continue to drive Matt crazy.

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