A little behind...

So it has seriously been way to long since I've posted a picture but I have been taking a photo every day.

This is my attempt to catching up...

Friday, November 5
So I realize this picture looks terrible on here but I don't know how to fix it.  But anyways...you can check out how cute my dog is when he runs and jumps the curb.  I need to come back and fix this one since the last picture isn't right...for now forgive me please!
Saturday, November 6
 So if you think I look like an idiot in that hat, just wait till you see me on the slopes!  Move over Lindsey Vonn, I'll be putting you to shame in January 2011...so stay tuned!
Sunday, November 7
If Matt and I had a yard, this is what it would like.
Ok maybe not.
A group, bringing awareness to drunk driving accidents, had placed a flag for every individual killed, in our county, due to drunk driving.  The flags looked amazing.  It was definitely a great way to draw attention!

I don't think I would ever make a good hippie.
Monday, November 8th
Why does my dog think it's necessary to bark all the time!?!
 And what do I get the crazy look??  I'm not the one barking!

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