So I've been pretty busy and I haven't sat down to blog at all this week and for that I apologize!   I know the rest of this week is just going to be crazier and well the family is coming in for the weekend so I won't be blogging till next week.  I didn't want to be forgotten while I'm away for so long so I thought I would leave something that would make you smile....

In case you were wondering, yes that is a chocolate covered doughnut.   No, I did not eat that entire thing but what I did eat was probably the most wonderful thing I've ever eaten in my life!  This is one of the things I imagine we'll eat in Heaven!


  1. Finished it in one bite.

  2. How often does this thing get updated so I don't continually get let down when I come to check?

  3. hey i'm gonna be in tx in 4 days! and we're going to austin!