Sometimes I talk too much

This week has been pretty uneventful, other than a restaurant telling me that I wasn't qualified to wait on tables at their restaurant.  Anyways, I've been a little bored on Saturdays lately and today it hit me...I miss college football.  It's weird admitting that!  I'm a girl, shouldn't I be spending my saturdays shopping or something!?!  So today I would like to share something with you all that Matt shared with me a couple of weeks ago... Thank you SEC

Now didn't that make you feel good!  Did you read that part about Mississippi State!?!  If not read the article again.  It feels so good to be GOOD and to be better than "that school up north" (like a lot better...like the black bears are terrible)

So my next thing....look at the size of this aloe plant and who knew they had blooms!?!

Lastly, we had Wyldlife club this past week and this is my favorite moment from the evening!  Yes, that's Tori and she's awesome and not only because she took one for the team and ate way to much mayo for one person! (No animals were hurt during the eating of this mayonnaise)

P.S.  This dog has the greatest life!

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