My First In-Law Family Vacation

So we had a week in Pagosa Springs, CO.  The weather was cold, the mountains were pretty, the siblings were fighting, and the bulldogs were victorious...just your normal family vacation.
We drove into Colorado the day after a snow storm.  The roads were covered in snow and ice.

But it made for a fun drive...especially since Matt had never drove in snow and ice...check out that grip!

We took Kona man with us and he LOVED the snow!

We did a little snow sledding...only about 30 minutes worth but it was fun!

We don't see snow in Houston.

It was $20 a person to get in the hot springs.  I went with the bath tub option...much cheaper.

Mesa Verde National park, even more enchanting in the snow.

Matt photographed my first time getting off the lift.  It was terrifying. 

Me and Rusty

My new worst enemies.

I have a slight obsession with water bottles so this was like heaven for me!

Dowtown Durango, CO

We saw elk!

Look!  I'm a skier!

Matt trying to show off his ski skills.

This is the happiest I saw any of these people on this trip!

We love each other.

I loved the frost covered trees!  They looked like they were made of ice.

Colorado...hopefully one day we'll reside there till then....

God Bless Texas

We ate at The Big Texan and this guy from Chicago was trying to eat a 72oz. steak in an hour.  He failed.

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