and so it begins

SOOO I came up with this incredible, unique, original idea on friday…ok maybe that’s a lie.  The truth is, I turned in my two week notice at a job I hate.  Yea that’s right, I did.  Now I’m almost unemployed.  So it’s safe to say I was feeling a little useless, lazy and everything else negative yesterday.  Due to this I decided I wanted to start something I could finish.  I wanted to do something that would challenge me as a person and photographer.
So the challenge is….
drum roll please….
I will be taking a photo a day for the next 365 days.  (since I started it two days ago i only have 363 left..yess!)
SOOO you’re wondering why the heck I would want to take on such an amazingly awesome task…
Well here are a few reasons….
* To give my family and friends an idea of what’s going on in the Dees’ home. 
* To challenge myself as a person and photographer. 
* Because my husband told me I should.
* To find my own personal style as a photographer, I haven’t found anything that would set me apart from the rest of the photographers in this big crazy world
* To actually finish a project!  I never completely finish anything…and I mean anything. 
* To document this year, life is very different than it was for me a year ago (and thank goodness, I loved my wedding but really I could have done without all the planning).  I want to be able to look at this blog and remember this next year and be able to see how I’ve changed as a photographer, Christian, wife, wyldlife leader, daughter, friend, sister, niece, granddaughter, cousin, and whatever else makes me Christa.    
* To show off my adorably bad dog, Kona
So I’m sure I have more reasons, but I’m a little ADD so I’ve already forgotten them. 
Anyways, I hope that you can find this blog just a little interesting, if not just visit the page so it looks like I have lots of readers!!  Ok, thanks!  
Well here goes…


  1. Nice drum roll, Michael Scott.

  2. Judy Dees10/27/2010

    Christa I know you'll do well & I look forward to seeing your talents grow.